Ways to donate to help archives affected by Sandy

Here are two ways you can donate to help archives and historical organizations affected by Hurricane Sandy:

  • The Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference (MARAC) has a Disaster Relief Fund (Guidelines for applying for funds here). Anyone can make a donation to the fund (via credit card or check). Go to this page, and click on Disaster Relief Fund.
  • The Society of American Archivists also has the National Disaster Recovery Fund for Archives (information on applying for funds here). To donate, use this site
If you hear of any other opportunities to give or receive funding, let me know. 
NOTE: SAA’s website problem is all sorted out now, but if you happen to experience any difficulties with either site please let me know and I’ll let the administrators know right away.



Pointers to disaster recovery resources–please help update

I’m sure someone else has already done a better job with this, but just in case, here’s a hastily compiled list of pointers to disaster recovery resources. Please leave links to new or better resources in the comments and I’m also looking for other sources of grants or financial assistance. If any links are out of date or not useful, please let me know that too.

Thanks, and if anyone has other ideas of what can be done to help our colleagues affected by Sandy, please post in the comments.


Heritage Emergency National Task Force: Information on Major Disasters

Disaster Preparedness Clearinghouse Site from ALA

AIC’s Disaster Response & Recovery site

NEDCC’s Hotline page 

Salvaging belongings damaged in a disaster – general (from Australia)

CoSA Water Damage Recovery

CoSA Emergency Planning and Response resources 

Update: A great list from Metropolitan New York Library Council Disaster Recovery Resources 

UPDATE: The Conservation Center for Art & Historic Artifacts has published a Mid-Atlantic Guide to Disaster Preparedness.  We are actually in the process of updating it right now, but here is a link to last year’s edition:


Although there is a Mid-Atlantic focus, national resources and vendors are listed as well.

UPDATE: For local governments in New York State, the State Archives offers “Disaster Assistance for State Agencies, Local Governments, and Historical Records Repositories” at
http://www.archives.nysed.gov/a/records/mr_disaster.shtml, including Disaster Recovery Grants of up to $20,000 in disaster recovery funding for damaged records.

UPDATE: The AVPreserve blog also has a list of resources, many of them geared specifically to A/V : http://www.avpreserve.com/

UPDATE: Another great pages from NEDCC: 2012 Sandy Resources

UPDATE: Excellent page from NARA, for different types of organizations & individuals: http://www.archives.gov/preservation/records-emergency/


More sources of funding:

From SAA: National Disaster Recovery Fund for Archives

From MARAC: MARAC Disaster Relief Fund