Do you use archives? Share your thoughts about minimal processing

Forwarded, with permission and slightly modified, from SAA’s Reference, Access, and Outreach listserv:

The American Heritage Center is testing a variety of minimal processing techniques and is attempting to measure user satisfaction with them with a survey, the link to which is pasted below. The survey seeks to ascertain the relative importance of various processing actions in users’ minds, and to determine the extent to which users expect reference archivists to bridge any descriptive gap created by minimal processing. If you identify yourself as an archival patron as well as an archival professional, please consider completing this survey. Also, please consider making it available to your patrons.

If you are a user of archives, I encourage you to take this survey. It took me about five minutes. If you’d like more information, or would like to embed the link on your institutional website, please contact Shannon Bowen at: SEBowen[at]

To whet your appetite, one of the questions asks you to rank in order of importance activities such as:

I’ll be very interested to see the results. And I think the American Heritage Center should be applauded for trying to gather real data from real users about what they want most out of our archives.

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One thought on “Do you use archives? Share your thoughts about minimal processing”

  1. I’ve bookmarked this discussion and am anxious to see what comments people might leave as I am researching minimal processing for one of my classes.

    Thank you for the survey!

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