Latest ICA and SAA statements on situation in Haiti

The International Council on Archives issued a statement on February 11, including a “statement of requirements” developed by Haitian archives officials. This statement of requirements in is French–does anyone know of the location of an English translation (or would anyone be willing to do a quick translation and post it here?) The ICA statement notes that:

[Jean-Wilfrid Bertrand, the National Archivist of Haiti] and others have confirmed that the items on the requirements list are really needed, and that, if anything, it is an under-statement. Jean-Wilfrid has in particular emphasized the urgent requirement for tarpaulins. These are needed to protect records that are at present lying on the ground, because the buildings that previously housed them have been destroyed. If nothing is done now, they will be completely exposed during the forthcoming rainy season. ICA is now working as a matter of urgency on ways of getting these and other materials to him at Port-au-Prince as quickly as possible.

Again, please let me know when a translation is available and I’ll post it here.

In related news, at its February meeting the Council of the Society of American Archivists:

Discussed possible responses to the crisis in Haiti, noting that SAA Past President Maygene Daniels would be meeting with the U.S. Committee of the Blue Shield the following day to discuss a coordinated response by the worldwide archives community. Council members noted that, in addition to other efforts, SAA should highlight information on its website (via the MayDay page) on disaster preparedness and ways in which individuals might contribute and/or volunteer for specific emergencies as they arise.

I did not see anything on the U.S. Committee of the Blue Shield’s web site that gave an update on the results of the meeting Maygene Daniels attended. If anyone has any news about the U.S. participation in that coordinated response, please post it here.

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