Poll results: A lot of support for institutional use of social media

Following up on the poll question I asked on Sunday, it turns out a lot of you who use social media on behalf of your institution get fairly good support for it. The poll asked the question “When do you engage with social media (blogs, Twitter, FB, Flickr, etc.) on behalf of your archives?” With a total of 66 votes as of today, here are the results:

  • All outside of work hours (1 vote)
  • Entirely within work hours (15 votes)
  • Both–more outside than in (19 votes)
  • Both–more inside than out (31)
  • I expected that the “both” categories would be the big winners, and they were, but I was a bit surprised (and pleased) to see “entirely within work hours” get as many votes as it did. Most people who commented followed up about it being a mix–they found it easier or more appropriate to do some tasks inside of work hours and some outside. Of course, at least in my experience, that’s how a lot of the rest of our work is too. But still, good to see that most people are at least doing more of this work on company time than not!

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