A new registry for technology projects in cultural heritage organizations

Courtesy of Musematic:

Introducing the launch of MuseTech Central, the MCN Project Registry!

MuseTech Central provides a place to share information about technology-related projects in the cultural heritage sector. From implementations of digital asset management systems, to the latest use of educational media and interactives, the registry represents the latest technology and information management projects in museums, libraries, and archives.

This community-supported registry offers an opportunity to change the way we disseminate information about the projects we are implementing, and opens new possibilities for networking and knowledge sharing. Instead of responding to inquiries about projects your institution is undertaking by sending documentation via email, register the project at MuseTech Central and direct interested parties there for the most up-to-date and accurate information. Use the registry to learn how your colleagues are implementing technology projects in their institutions or to evaluate the latest trends in our sector.

The project is a joint initiative of the Museum Computer Network and the Museum Software Foundation. You must be a registered user to add a project, but otherwise the site is unrestricted. As of this morning, I saw only one project in the registry from an archives–digitization of an oral history collection at the Jewish Women’s Archive, with a phase two web 2.0 component–but there are many projects which may be of interest to archivists (particularly those involving digital asset management systems, digitization, and workflow). And who knows, maybe some of you are thinking of implementing laser tag too!

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