It’s awards sesason again: Call for nominatons for “Movers and Shakers in Archives” awards

The coming of spring means many things, but around here it means awards season. So get ready to nominate!

Now in their third year, ArchivesNext is pleased to sponsor the Movers and Shakers in Archives awards. These awards are intended to recognize people or organizations in the United States who are innovative, creative, and making a difference in the archival world. Previous winners include:

  • Tracey Baker
  • Terry Baxter
  • Lisa Cohen
  • The Council of State Archivists
  • Elizabeth Dow
  • Brenda Gunn
  • Russell James
  • Mark Matienzo
  • Deborah Rice
  • Kathleen Roe

If you’re not familiar with this award, you can read about the 2009 winners, the 2008 winners and the post that kicked it off (and one that followed soon after).

To submit a nomination, send the information described below to: nominations [at] by Monday, April 12.

Required Nomination Information:

Nominator (Name, Title, Institution, and Email)
Nominee (Name, Title, Institution and Email)

1) Reasons for nomination.
2) Describe one event, project or situation that illustrates your reason for this nomination.
3) Describe one attribute or characteristic that illustrates this nominee’s unique ability.

Note: When providing information in the “Justification,” provide as much information, including specific examples, as possible. Include any information you have about the nominee’s activities inside and outside of the profession and the influence they have had over others.

One additional reference who can support your nomination (Name, Title, Institution and Email)

Note: You can nominate yourself, but please supply two additional references. Past winners are not eligible to win again, no matter how much they continue to move and shake.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the awards or the nomination process. And if you have someone in mind, go ahead and get your nomination in as early as can. April 12 may seem like a long time away, but it’s not. Nominate early and often!

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