Taking some time out to lobby for archives funding

My scheduled post on the winners of the Best Total Web Experience Award will be a bit delayed because I’ve taken some time out to do some networking on behalf of the Preserving the Historical Record (PAHR) legislation, shortly to be introduced in the House of Representatives. If funded, PAHR would make $50 million of new Federal funds available for projects related to state and local archival records held in archives, historical societies, libraries and related organizations. You can find complete information at http://www.archivists.org/pahr/, including a breakdown of how much each state would receive.

Please take a few minutes to visit the website and download the sample letter to send to your representative in the House (and please fax it in rather than mailing it). They have a link on the site to help you locate your rep’s address and lots of background resources if you want to learn more. Right now they’re looking for more representatives to co-sponsor the legislation, but in the current budget environment, the bill is going to need all the help it can get. Do your part now, and help spread the word to our colleagues about this important effort!

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