Three things to do, and then a break

Over the weekend, this blog celebrated its third birthday, or blogiversary, I suppose. So thank you all for your continued interest and support, and to really celebrate I’m taking a short break from all social media. Yes, people can’t believe it, but it’s true. Twitter, Facebook, the whole thing. When I announced this on Twitter someone pointed out that this Saturday is “No Tech Day,” so I’m just doing it a little bit early. I’ll be back soon but I think it’s very healthy to step away for a while. In the meantime . . .

  • The New York Public Library has launched a new blog series, “My Library,” featuring interviews with library patrons about why they value their local library. It’s a good model to consider for archives I think, don’t you?
  • Don’t forget to decide who you want to nominate for this year’s Movers and Shakers in Archives awards. The deadline is Monday April 12, but there is no penalty for early nominations, so get yours in before you start panicking about your taxes.
  • And speaking of procrastination, have you voted in the SAA elections yet? You don’t get a little sticker when you’re done, but if you help get me elected to Council, I’ll give everyone a little sticker at the annual meeting. Oh, wait, I’m probably not allowed to say that. I bet I can’t attempt to sway the SAA electorate with the offer of little stickers. Oh well, here’s a virtual little sticker for you that you can print out and wear proudly after you’ve voted for whoever you chose to vote for.
  • i_voted_sticker

    Now, I’m off to go smell some flowers and enjoy my spring break!

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One thought on “Three things to do, and then a break”

  1. Enjoy your “No tech” (does this mean you and your fellow will be cavorting around the meadow as god made you gathering bugs and such for an uncooked meal before sleeping under the stars? Heh. Just asking . . .) Day. Looking forward to having you back.

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