I’m not saying that zombies will definitely attack on Sunday, but

What if they did?

And, what if you, an eligible SAA voter had been procrastinating, waiting to cast your ballot until the very last day. Yes, Sunday. And then, wham–zombies! So there you are, surrounded by zombies, and on top that, you now must live with the guilt that missed your chance to participate in SAA’s democratic process. You’ll have to live with that awful feeling for the rest of your life (which might be very short, but that’s not important right now). The important thing is that as of yesterday, only 20% of eligible SAA members had voted. So, for that 80%–I’m not saying it would definitely be zombies. It might be a giant squid. It might be killer bees. You might just lose your internet connection at home for some reason. You might even, just maybe, be doing other things on Sunday and forget to log in and vote.

So, why don’t you do it now? And talk to your friends and colleagues about the risk of a zombie invasion this weekend and remind them to vote too.

And, while you’re at it, don’t forget that nominations for the Movers and Shakers in Archives awards are due by this Monday, April 12. Granted, that gives you one more day to recover what whatever disasters might befall you over the weekend, but still, putting together a nomination takes a little bit longer than the SAA voting. So it’s time to stop procrastinating about that too.

Voting is easy. So easy, even a zombie could probably do it. So why don’t you?


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5 thoughts on “I’m not saying that zombies will definitely attack on Sunday, but”

  1. Yikes! I hope voting is an antidote to this purported zombie-squid-bee attack.

    But really, 20%?! 20%?!?!?! Maybe there’s something going on here. Is there a reason the other 80% don’t vote? Feeling disengaged? Don’t think SAA has anything for them besides book discounts? “It doesn’t matter, the candidates are all the same” [not true; check em out]? Slackers don’t vote? It’s got to be something. I know archivists. They work hard. So it can’t just be laziness.

  2. Well, we’re all doing what we can, Mr. T!

    There were some thoughts posted previously about the non-voting issue: http://archivesnext.com/?p=1135

    It would be interesting to see if this percentage is pretty much standard for organizations of this kind. I think is is pretty much the same as in MARAC, for example.

  3. I’m interested to see what Northwest Archivists ends up with after switching to online voting. Those results will be up soon.

  4. I recalled (and then double-checked, to be sure I wasn’t making things up) that only 17.3% of eligible members voted in the ARMA elections three months ago.

  5. FYI, just confirmed the turnout for the RBMS election in 2009 was 21%, so again, SAA is looking pretty standard.

    And per message from Brian to the listserv yesterday, I think we’re up to 24% now. But don’t get complacent about the zombies!

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