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A couple of days ago I had noted a post over at the blog (written by the brilliant Jessamyn West), observing that the Boston Public Library had starting posting images from its collections up on Flickr. As I’m supposed to be taking a break (although you’d never know it from reading this blog), I filed it away to post about next week.

But today Jessamyn posted a note she received from BPL with update info about the project. Among the BPL’s comments was:

In response to comments on Jessamyn’s blog, we’ve gone ahead and opened up all of our items to tags and comments from any Flickr user; we welcome/encourage/request any and all submissions. We’ve made the photo titles more meaningful as well, instead of simply using our digital accession numbers.

I encourage you to go over to and read both posts and comments and of course check out BPL on Flickr, but I thought it was also worth noting that, at least on the library blogs, your comments can have an impact.

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