NARA posts background information on web harvest decison

The ArchivesNext blog was honored this morning by a comment from Paul Wester, Director of NARA’s Modern Records Program (the office responsible for the web harvest decision). Paul wrote:

We read with interest your postings on this topic.

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) has posted background information regarding our web harvest decision at This background document includes links to our guidance products related to web records and the decisionmaking process we went through to arrive at our decision.

My thanks to Paul to sharing this information with me and my readers. Their reasoning seems consistent with the rationale I discussed in my last post. What do you think of NARA’s response?

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One thought on “NARA posts background information on web harvest decison”

  1. It’s reasonable, assuming the various branches are doing their job and capturing their content. The devil will be in the consistent execution of these captures across organizational lines.

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