Re-use–how much is too much?

Sorry I’m light on posts lately. I’m getting ready for a day-long (!) workshop at the ACA meeting in Halifax. In preparing I was thinking about a question and thought I’d throw it out to all of you.

If your institution is using multiple social media platforms–Facebook, Twitter, blog, Flickr, for example–it’s really easy to use multiple venues to share the same information. Say, when you put up a blog post you then share a link to it on FB and Twitter. On the plus side this means that people who are following you in only one venue will know about it. On the minus side people who are following you on multiple sites will get repetitive information (which can be annoying). What do you think–both as producers and consumers? What do you think about repeating info on different venues?

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6 thoughts on “Re-use–how much is too much?”

  1. I’m okay with getting it in multiple places — the noise is easy enough to filter. But I hate, hate, HATE it when, for instance, a tweet links to a Facebook post that has some external link. Just post the direct link in both places, pleeaaase!

  2. As a consumer, I have to say that I get annoyed when it’s sent out in several venues. At least spend the time to think about the audience for each venue (they’re not the same) and tweak the message appropriately. I’d recommend being selective about what’s cross-posted.

  3. Good question. What Sheepy and Archivista said makes sense to me.

    I’m largely ok with organizations/institutions/individuals using various channels to reach people. There’s no way to find a single mechanism, given the differences in what people use. It’s no different than people getting their news from the web, from tv, or from old style print publications, depending on age and personal preference. Most people are patient enough with that and don’t insist on a single method. Tweaking messages somewhat for the different mechanisms and audiences sounds like a good idea, however.

  4. As a consumer, I typically choose one platform to follow to reduce redundancy.

    As an organizational producer, I try to vary the content shared. I think people following us on Twitter don’t mind as many links/comments/etc. While on Facebook, I try to keep the information flow on steady, but not as overwhelming as Twitter. The blog is using more sparingly, usually to highlight archive-specific news.

    In any case, I think it’s great if an archive is experimenting with any of those venues at all!

  5. Great topic! On the consumer end of this question, I don’t believe my audience is using multiple tools yet. My guess is that most are on FB but very few use RSS or twitter. However, from my point of view I find I get a lot of duplicate information via my twitter stream, blog reader and Facebook and this can be cumbersome. I find myself occasionally weeding out the duplicates. It would be wonderful if there were a tool that could locate duplicates across platforms. Is there?

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