Interlude: Briefly noted

We’re taking a short break from the MARAC posts to bring you an assortment of interesting links.

  • I highly recommend you take a look at the newly launched Civil Rights Digital Library based at the University of Georgia. The site features 30 hours of historical news film, as well as digitized primary sources and educational materials from 75 libraries, archives, museums, public broadcasters and others across the U.S.
  • Speaking of digital libraries, if you’re involved in one, please take the survey sponsored by researchers from SDSC and UCSD Libraries on the topic of “Data Mapping in Digital Libraries.”
  • For those of you interested in theoretical or philosophical discussions of archives, or who were following with interest the recent exchange in the comments about post-modernism, you might like the most recent post on the UK Archives Hub Blog, “Everything is open to interpretation.”
  • On a completely different topic, there’s a post on ZA3038 (a new blog for me) titled “What is OAI and why should you care?” which might be of interest to both people who think they already know the answer to that question and those who are sure they don’t.
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