Archivists and Web 2.0 makes the big time — catch it while it lasts!

You may remember that the presentation Arian and I did for our MARAC workshop about Archivists and Web 2.o was posted on SlideShare. Today Arian got an email telling him that the “editorial team” at SlideShare had selected it to be one of the featured presentations on their homepage. Web fame for a fleeting moment!

(You have to scroll pretty far down the page. Past the “Cute Dog Theory” one.)

As of this writing the presentation has been viewed 347 times. Considering that there were sixteen people in the workshop, that’s expanding the audience for the presentation quite a bit, don’t you think?

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4 thoughts on “Archivists and Web 2.0 makes the big time — catch it while it lasts!”

  1. It’s now up to 400 views, and 3 people have it marked as a “favorite”. (Cute Dog Theory only has 1 favorite.) Wonder how long until you’ll get into the “most downloads” list.

  2. In an effort to save other readers a bit of time, the dogs were not as cute as I had hoped so just go take a look at web 2.0 for archivists already.

  3. You guys did a terrific job. For an interview, I presented on archives and web 2.0 and I didn’t even consider all that you mentioned i.e. twitter and secondlife especially.

  4. OK – Party’s over. We’re off the front page. Still in the featured category with over 750 views. 35 downloads and 5 favorites. Not bad. Not bad at all. Congrats all around.

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