Rainy Monday Wrap-Up and Links

It’s a cold rainy morning here at ArchivesNext worldwide headquarters, and I’m doing a little housekeeping. So today’s post will be another in our popular blog round-up series.

  • First, thanks to everyone to contributed to the MARAC discussion sessions (in person and here online). I’m sure some of you still have things to say about MPLP, so don’t hesitate to contribute to the existing comment thread.
  • The presentation that I Arian and I did on Web 2.o for Archivists is now up to 944 views on SlideShare. Think about that. What an incredible demonstration of what 2.0 is all about. This is why all our professional organizations should be posting presentations online (as I hear SAA is planning to do this year). Have you posted any of your presentations about archives up on the web? If so, let me know and I’ll put a link to them up on my resources page.
  • Karen Schneider, the Free-Range Librarian, writes “LinkedIn is *NOT* Facebook for Grownups” If you’re interested in either one I suggest you read this, and check out the comments too for more opinions. We were running out of time in our workshop when we got to LinkedIn, so it’s a good follow up for our workshop participants too.
  • I highly recommend you follow the links on the LibrarianInBlack post, “How del.icio.us is your site?” and follow the directions to find out how users have tagged your archives’ web pages. And if you’re still a little fuzzy about what del.icio.us is all about, this might help explain it too.
  • And, for all you Twitter lovers out there (and you know who you are), here’s something you might want to look into, courtesy of LibraryStuff, “Tweet What You Read.”
  • Holly Robertson, the voice behind the “Do I really touch that with my hand?” blog recently wrote about a group of conservators attending the AIC meeting in Denver who stayed on an extra day after the conference to help preserve some local collections in need. A worthy cause and good PR for the conservators–maybe some national and regional archival associations can think about a similar model? An archival barn-raising?
  • If you haven’t done so lately, please go take a look at the Archives Issues blog. I started this as a way to easily distribute quick summaries and links to news stories about archives. I think it’s got a lot of promise, but what’s going to make it really work is if more people sign on to be contributors. Right now, it’s just me and Jordon, but I encourage you to take a look at what we’re doing and think about volunteering to be a contributor.

And, since I owe the campaign chair a favor, I’ll close with a reminder to all MARAC members (and anybody else with a checkbook) to please contribute to the “35 for 35” campaign for the MARAC Educational Endowment. To celebrate its 35th anniversary, MARAC is asking all its members to contribute $35 (or more!) to help build the endowment that supports our scholarship program. Make your check out to MARAC and put a note in the memo field that it’s for the “35 for 35 “campaign–here’s a link to the website with the mailing address (top right).

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