Wiki for 2008 SAA Annual Meeting now open for business

If you’re planning on going to San Francisco for the SAA Annual Meeting in August, you’ll want to check in regularly on the unofficial (but really well done) meeting wiki, hosted at: The wiki is just opened up to the public and needs to be populated, so please check it out, sign up for an account, and add your own content. I’ll be using it to try to coordinate some unofficial gatherings (like a blogger happy hour and a web 2.0 discussion session), but I’ll also be looking for tips on restaurants and maybe pointers to some good bookstores (and a few other things too, I’m sure).
All you 2.0 types should check out the “Sharing” section to add your blog, links to your posts, and tips on tagging your photos, etc. If you’re new to wikis and want to see some examples of how to use a site like this, you might want to look at what people contributed to the wiki for last year’s meeting at:

Everyone owes a big thank you to Cal Lee, Lori Eakin, and Jeanne Kramer-Smyth who did so much make this year’s wiki (and last year’s) such a useful tool!

(P.S. If you haven’t already looked, please check out the comments on the previous post about professional identity–and add your own thoughts to this interesting discussion!)

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One thought on “Wiki for 2008 SAA Annual Meeting now open for business”

  1. I think the wiki is a great tool. It’s a nice supplement/alternative to the official program, etc. So, yes, thanks Cal, Lori, and Jeanne!

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