She did it! A new blog to watch, Maarja’s NixoNARA

Past and present readers of the Archives and Archivists listserv are familiar with Maarja Krusten’s long and thoughtful messages about matters relating to the National Archives and Presidential records, particularly matters relating to former President Nixon. (She has also posted thoughtful, and occasionally long, comments on this blog too.) Well, as many have been urging her for a while now, she has created her own space for considering the issues of interest to her, NixoNARA. Congratulations, Maarja, on taking this big step! I think your blog will be a wonderful addition to the archival and records blogosphere and I hope you are successful in sparking informed dialogue about these important issues. In a message to the listserv, Maarja said she welcomes “comments from everyone at A&A as well as from historians and other members of the public.” I encourage anyone with an interest in Presidential records and how they relate to history to subscribe to this blog and participate in discussions there. Good luck, Maarja!

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One thought on “She did it! A new blog to watch, Maarja’s NixoNARA”

  1. Wow, I’m honored that you took note of this at your blog, Kate! Thank you SO much. You have been a great model for many of us and I for one very much appreciate your trailblazing efforts and your very wise and knowledgeable postings.


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