Ten reasons you should be using the wiki for the SAA Annual Meeting

With the annual meeting only a few weeks away, if you’ll be attending it’s time to start getting serious about planning how you’ll spend your time. If you’re not attending, you can see what’s going on and maybe share some of your knowledge with those of us will be making the trek. And the best way to do that is  . . .

  1. You can look at a list of who’ll be blogging about the meeting (or get your blog listed–it’s a great way to get new readers).
  2. If you’re a newbie, you can read “SAA First-Timer Tips” and if you’re an “oldster” you can share your wisdom by contributing some tips of your own.
  3. Wondering what the Research Forum thing is all about? They’ve got an agenda available on the wiki.
  4. Shopping around for a new section or roundtable? You can browse a lot of their meeting agendas on the wiki. (And if you’re responsible for a section or roundtable, make sure your group’s agenda is available too!)
  5. Wait, stop shopping around for at least one of your roundtables–get involved in the Issues & Advocacy Roundtable! Take a look at our page on the wiki and learn why–we’re looking for ideas and people who want to get involved. Log in and add your thoughts to the page.
  6. Worried about the size of your carbon footprint? Get tips on “Going Green at SAA Annual” on the wiki.
  7. Too busy to read the whole program? Try looking at “Possible Paths Through the Program,” which lists sessions by topic. Don’t see what you’re interested in? Login and add your own path.
  8. Trying to coordinate a get-together that’s not on the schedule (like a Blogger Get-Together or a Lone Arrangers Dinner)? Use the “Unofficial Events” page to coordinate it. (Which reminds me, do we need to find another spot in the schedule for an informal web 2.0 get-together? Are people up for that again this year?)
  9. Know something about San Francisco that I should know? Where to eat? What to see? What not to see? Take a look at the pages under “Having Fun” (like “Attractions,” “Dining,” and  “San Francisco Stuff,” and give the rest of us some advice.
  10. It’s a pretty safe way to learn how a wiki works, if it’s something you’ve been wanting to learn about. Go to the “New To Wikis” page and get oriented, then set up your account (if you don’t already have one), and make a contribution.

Wikis work best when they have input from lots of different people–go check out the wiki and see how it can help you and what you can add to make it better. And don’t forget that it’s still there after the meeting for sharing and follow-up.

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One thought on “Ten reasons you should be using the wiki for the SAA Annual Meeting”

  1. Amazing what Web 2.0 can do, huh! What a wonderful resource in this wiki. Anybody hear anything about the SAA powers (Mark Greene, etc.) using this? It is “unofficial” but should be adopted or at least linked from the SAA site.

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