The last of the #badarchivists

There were a few more #badarchivists tweets over the past few days, so in case you missed them, are the rest of the #badarchivists:

#badarchivists think the collections are “theirs”.

#badarchivists like adhesive products

#badarchivists think digital preservation means wearing gloves in cold weather

#badarchivists stack boxes in the garage and say, “ehh, good enough”

Ook even in ‘t Nederlands: #badarchivists vouwen witte Amsterdamse dozen

#badarchivists make it last shorter

#badarchivists ain’t the least bit diplomatic

#badarchivists workspace space

This is not a 4/1 joke & no tweeting archivists created this mess (not all in view): #badarchivists


But only if you keep the kibble flowing RT @DerangeDescribe: #badarchivists participate in LOCKSS: Lots of Cats Keeps Stuff Safe.

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