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The lovely people who sponsored the Ignite Smithsonian event have now made it possible to view most of the individual talks, including of course, mine, which I wrote about in the previous post.

It’s impossible for me to pick out any favorites from the rest of the talks, because they were all truly inspiring, but here are a few that I think give you an idea about the kind of content at the event. Watch them. Seriously, watch them. The will make you think. And laugh. And isn’t that the best combination? Note that the lively gentleman giving the intros is the ultra fabulous Michael Edson, Director of Web and New Media Strategy at the Smithsonian.

UPDATE: Sorry, the embed function isn’t working for me with these videos. So you have to make the effort to click on the links for yourself. To compensate, I’ve added one more video to the list.

Koven Smith
What’s the Point of a Museum Website?

Carmen Iannacone
Hello, I’m a knowledge worker

Simon Sherrin
Giving everyone a bite of the Apple

I’ll leave it those two for now and post more later. If something really valuable for archives jumps out at you from those two videos, the comment section here is open for your musings. I’ll leave you with one of the cool videos Mike selected to insert between the talks–enjoy!

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