More fun from The Twitter: #badarchivessessiontitles

How did this start? I think I tweeted about a session here at ACA called “Pimp My Finding Aid” and that inspired @DerangeDescribe to set it off. Presented here, for your amusement, with the names stripped out in case someone in a future hiring position doesn’t have a sense of humor, are the #badarchivessessiontitles tweets so far:


Say Yes to More Product Less Process
I’ll Respect Your Fonds!
Real Housewives of the National Archives
Eating in the Processing Room: I’m Lovin’ It.
Fonds of Steel
Three Dutch Archivists Walk Into A Bar…: What we can learn from Muller, Feith, and Fruin
Tales From the Crypt: Working in Cemetery Archives
Original Order: Special Victims Unit
The Hangover: Collections Found While Spring Cleaning
Buffy the Vinegar Syndrome Slayer
Stripper, Drugdealer, Doctor: Lucrative Alternatives to Being an Archivist
Show Me The Money: The State of American Archives, Presented by Klaus
Silverfish: Pests or handy deaccessioners?
Miscellaneous Topics
Celebrating the Sesquicentennial of the American Civil War: Aren’t We Sick of this Yet?
Beyond Rock, Paper, and Scissors: Creative Appraisal
You are what you EAD.
Community Archives and Digital Preservation: Cut it out, you guys that’s our job.
O RLY? YA RLY: LOLspeak for finding aids
The 10% Rule: That’s what we call “Archives Power”
40 Year Old Virgins: A Dating Guide for Archivists
Lacquer?! I don’t even know her!: Identifying audio materials in your archives
Get out of here and stop touching our things: How to deal with users
Is It Hot in Here or Is It Just Me?: Caring for Your HVAC System
Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy: Finding New Revenue Streams
Oops!…Oh, Well. Nobody Will Probably Ever Know It Was *Your* Coffee Mug Ring: True Processing Confessions
Just Call It Misc! : MPLP In Action
Archives 180: Then, Now, Meh
Do, Make, Say, Think…Archive? It’s what you do!: New Youth Media Campaigns to Recruit a Hip, Attentive Workforce
Oot and Aboot: Archival Outreach in Canada
Because We Think You’re Gullible: Baby Boomer Retirements and Archives Job Opportunities
Extreme Archives Makeover: MPLP Edition; Survivor: the Basement
Backup? We Don’t Need No Stinking Backup: Neo-Jenkinsonian Approaches to Digital Archives
Exploding the myths about nitrate film
There’s Always Room for One More: Accessioning Irrelevant Collections
Improving the past: altering historic documents for fun and profit
What’s past is prolonged: delaying inconvenient research requests
When you just don’t have a clue: Creating Miscellaneous Folders
Crack In The Stacks: How Selling Drugs Can Increase Funding AND Morale
Corporate Archives: How To Process, Preserve & Store Wieners, Nuts, Cookies & Other Miscellaneous Paraphernalia.
“Hey- I’m sitting here with 3 lawyers who have records management questions…” How bad archival Fridays end.
“Je suis Le Dauphin du Paris!” How bad archival work days begin.
Everything is Miscellaneous: How to lose donors and alienate patrons without really trying
Pull the Plug: Managing Electronic Records in Small Archives
Stacking Paper: The Need to Prescribe to Different Meanings of This Phrase
No One Cares about Your Ancestors: Providing Reference Services to Genealogists
“Ignorance is Bliss: Putting It In a Box Counts As Appraisal”
Obsolete technology: Sisyphus in the Stacks
News clippings collections: to mulch or compost?


Archival Ethics: Why Bother?
Weed ’em and reap: selling off your most valuable records
Rectum? Damn Near Killed ‘Em: A Perspective from the Medical Archives
D**k in a Box: Creating and enforcing a collection policy
From Inclusive Dates to Bulk Dates: A Dating Guide for Archivists
But I already Googled it!: Getting useful responses from #thatdarnlist
The Weakest Linked Data
Adhesives and Food Are Our Friends: Gooey, Gummy, Gunky, I’ve Got Love in My Tummy!
If They Only Had a Brain: Teaching Users How to Handle Archival Materials
International Archival Standards & Terminology: It’s All Greek to Me!

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10 thoughts on “More fun from The Twitter: #badarchivessessiontitles”

  1. Holy cow, I’m laughing so hard it hurts 😀 I think the “lucrative alternative careers” may be my favorite…

  2. “Presented here, for your amusement, with the names stripped out in case someone in a future hiring position doesn’t have a sense of humor,”
    but all a hiring authority need do is just click on the link you provided and then they can see who posted what, or just go to twitter and search for #badarchivessessiontitles
    so anonymity is fleeting to say the least

  3. I wondered about that myself, but I think if people are really concerned they can turn their twitter account security to ‘private’. Anyway, with a couple of exceptions (at least one of which is authored by me 😉 I don’t feel like there’s anything too objectionable here. (Of course, I’m also not a hiring authority, so who knows.)

  4. My favorite has to be: Because We Think You’re Gullible: Baby Boomer Retirements and Archives Job Opportunities.

  5. Peter,

    Yes, of course it’s possible to do that if anyone, for whatever reason, wants to follow up and know who said what. However, what I wanted to avoid was having this post, and its hilarious contents, end up in the search results for a candidate’s name or a candidate’s Twitter ID. That is why I did not include any identifying information in this post. I’m not responsible for protecting the reputations of people like Brad on Twitter, but I don’t want to cause them any trouble by re-posting their content here.


  6. I was hoping you could protect my reputation for me, Kate. Is this a service ArchivesNext might think of providing?

  7. These are amazing! I nearly died laughing in my office. My afternoon needed a pick me up. Now maybe I can tackle those boxes of stuff for the records management program that got dumped in my office. *sighs* Thanks again!

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