Have opinions about how SAA could improve its use of social media?

If you’ll be attending the SAA Annual Meeting, here’s a chance for you to share your opinions about how SAA could improve its use of social media: attend the Open Forum on Social Media on Thursday, Aug 25 from 12:00 PM – 1:15 PM in Columbus C/D at the Hyatt. Here’s what the official description says about it:

Today’s media landscape is changing rapidly. Successful advocacy and outreach demands that organizations make effective use of current and emerging technology to enhance communication with internal and external audiences and stimulate collaboration among constituents. Share your opinions with members of SAA’s Communication Technology Working Group (CTWG) in this interactive planning forum as we explore opportunities to enhance SAA’s use of social media.

The purpose is to inform the activities related to one of the desired outcomes in SAA’s Strategic Priorities Plan (a document you should definitely look at, if you’re not familiar with it), specifically the outcome that states “SAA will harness and cultivate the technology expertise of its members to inform strategic planning, educational programming, and internal and external communication.”

Information should be forthcoming about how you can share your opinions if you can’t make it to this meeting, and I’ll pass that along as soon as I get it.

And if you’ll be in Chicago and need more incentive to attend, Rebecca of Derangement and Description fame will actually be presenting at this and handing out special swag to her fans, so what more do you want?


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