Best Archives on Web deadline extended, new poll question & great video

It’s been a busy week here on the blog, so please take some time to catch up with the recent posts, if you need to. Also, a few announcements:

– In response to a request from an archives that needed a bit more time to get their site launched, we are extending the deadline to nominate sites for the Best Archives on the Web awards to Monday, March 30. To review the categories and rules, check out the nominations page, always available in the top right of the blog.

– Also, in light of the stories in the news about archives being closed and everyone facing budget cut-backs (see excellent summary on The Posterity Project), I’ve put a new poll up that asks, “How bad is it out there?” You can provide information about your own employment situation and also share what you know about what others are dealing with. Please share any comments or additional information in the comments section of the poll. If the poll doesn’t appear for you at the top right of the sidebar, click on the title area of this page and it should load for you.

– Last, here’s a great little video created by a guy I used to worth with (back before he got the fancy-schmantzy title he has now). I think anyone who has tried to implement any 2.0 tools (or maybe even anything new) in an archives or museum will feel the pain of the “Web Tech Guy.” And maybe a few of you have even been the “Angry Staff Person.” Funny and useful–enjoy, and have a great weekend!

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One thought on “Best Archives on Web deadline extended, new poll question & great video”

  1. A thought for next year: how about a readers’ choice award? Readers could vote on their favorite xyz from all or selected of those submitted. Just a thought because it is never too soon to start thinking about next year, right?

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