Two new SAA awards–Emerging Leader and Archival Innovator–I know you know some people/projects who qualify

This year SAA has two brand new awards that I’m very excited about because I think they provide an effective upgrade and replacement for the two awards I’ve sponsored on this blog, the Best Archives on the Web and Movers & Shakers in Archives awards. I always hoped that eventually SAA would offer awards in these areas, and now that they have the Emerging Leader and Archival Innovator awards, I think ArchivesNext can retire from the field of awards.

So, first things first, the deadline for nominations for both is February 28, so you have to get moving on this.

The Emerging Leader award (brought forward and championed by SAA President Gregor Trinkaus-Randall) has the following purpose and criteria:

Created in 2011, this award celebrates and encourages early-career archivists who have completed archival work of broad merit, demonstrated significant promise of leadership, and/or performed commendable service to the archives profession.  Nominees will have more than two years and less than ten years of professional archives experience. Nominees must be SAA members and must meet as many of the following criteria as possible:

  • Work of merit that has made a substantive contribution to an area (or areas) of the archives profession beyond the nominee’s local institution and that holds promise for future contributions.
  • Demonstrated leadership through collaborative work or exemplary service to local, regional, and/or national archival and cultural associations.
  • Formal archival education through a graduate degree program in history, library science, information science, or a related field; through participation in an archival or preservation institute; and/or through certification by the Academy of Certified Archivists.
  • Involvement in successful outreach and advocacy efforts on behalf of the nominee’s institution and the archives profession.

Full information on the Emerging Leader Award is available here.

The Archival Innovator award (proposed, with love, by me) has the following purpose and criteria:

Created in 2011, this award recognizes an individual archivist, a group of archivists, a repository, or an organization that demonstrates, through a combination of as many as possible of the criteria below, the greatest overall current impact on the profession or their communities.

  • Creativity or innovation in approaching professional challenges.
  • Demonstrated ability to think outside of professional or institutional norms.
  • Ability to translate creativity, innovation, and new thinking into working solutions.
  • Development of an archives program or outreach activity that has an extraordinary impact on a community.
  • Commitment to the advancement of professional knowledge through traditional or emerging information-sharing media.

Complete information about the Archival Innovator Award is available here.

I know time is short and I apologize for not posting this earlier, but you still have enough time to put nominations together. The people who deserve these awards are doing great work and should be recognized and celebrated. Please make the work of the awards committee difficult and send in some great nominations.

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