SAA Annual Meeting Task Force now has a “blog.” Let the commenting begin!

It’s not really a blog, but it’s the best that can be done at the SAA website, as they explain in the inaugural post, “Let’s Talk About the Annual Meeting.” In this post, they are specifically asking:

So, here’s a question to start off our conversation:  we hear over and over that the most valuable experience for many annual meeting attendees is the opportunity to network with fellow archivists.  This can be at receptions, in the hallways, or at social events away from the meeting.  Believe us, we’re dying for the results of the member survey, due back soon, to see if this impression is validated by survey data.  Nonetheless, when you are making your plans to attend a meeting, do you, instead, justify any financial support you receive by citing sessions and workshops you will be attending?  Have you – or could you envision – making those same requests for support by citing the networking opportunities the annual meeting affords you?  We really want to know what you think, and your responses will help shape our discussions about the structure and content of the meeting.

So, all of you who shared your opinions here, please login on the SAA site and share your opinions there in the official forum. And, if anyone knows of a way to set up an RSS-like feed for updates to that site, please let us know to save us having to check in regularly for new posts.

Congrats to the task force for setting up a mechanism for getting direct member (and non-member) feedback!


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