New resource: National History Day and Archives

I’m also happy to share that there is a new resource available, a National History Day and Archives Toolkit, created by SAA’s Reference, Access and Outreach Section’s National History Day Committee. The toolkit resides on a wiki, and is intended to provide support for both archivists as well as teachers and students participating in NHD. It has sections such as:

Information for Students and Teachers

  • Introduction and Video
  • Using Primary Sources
  • What Makes Archives “Different”
  • Finding Primary Sources in an Archives
  • Making a Visit to the Archives
  • Online Primary Sources
  • Glossary of Terms about Archives
  • Flyer to Print out to Give Teachers

Information for Archivists, Librarians and Media Specialists

  • Introduction
  • Whether to Participate in NHD
  • Do’s and Don’ts for Archivists
  • Timeframe
  • Highlighting Your Collections
  • Best Practices: Some Examples
  • Preparing for Class Visits
  • Flyer to Print out to Give Archivists

I know a lot of archivists who love working with National History Day students, and hopefully this resource will encourage more collaboration between archivists, teachers, and NHD participants.

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