Want to help create a U.S. chapter of Archivists Without Borders?

You’ve probably already seen this on an email listserv, but just in case:

Apology for Cross Posting

Dear colleagues:

We are drafting a proposal to form a U.S. chapter of Archivists Without Borders and would like to invite you to participate in the process. If you are interested in joining a working group to comment on the proposal, please send your name and e-mail address to Amanda Strauss (amanda.strauss@simmons.edu).

Archivists Without Borders is an international organization, the primary objective of which is “cooperation in the sphere of archives work in countries whose documentary heritage is in danger of disappearing or of suffering irreversible damage, with particular emphasis on the protection of human rights.” To read more about Archivists Without Borders, International, please see the website: http://www.arxivers.org/en/asf_internacional.php

We believe that forming a U.S. chapter of Archivists Without Borders is important. Not only will it allow us to participate in and support international projects, but it will also serve as an official network for advocacy and projects to support endangered archives and underrepresented communities in the United States.

We hope that you will consider joining us in this effort. Please let us know if you have any questions.


Mario H. Ramirez (mhramirez@library.berkeley.edu)

Joel Blanco-Rivera (blancoj@simmons.edu)

Amanda Strauss (amanda.strauss@simmons.edu)

Jasmine Jones (jasmine.jones@simmons.edu)

Erin Faulder (erin.faulder@simmons.edu)


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