Winners: 2009 Best Archives on the Web Awards

As you might expect, we had a very competitive group of nominees for this year’s Best Archives on the Web awards. After much consideration, the judges have chosen:

Best Institutional Blog

Winner: Historical Notes from OHSU – Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) Historical Collections & Archives

Winner: Peeling Back the Bark – The Forest History Society

Honorable Mention: Brooklynology – Brooklyn Public Library

Best Archives Website

Winner: Archiefbank – Amsterdam City Archives

Winner: Mapping Our Anzacs – National Archives of Australia

Winner: Seeking Michigan – The Library of Michigan and the State Archives of Michigan

Honorable Mention: The Archives of American Art – Smithsonian Institution

Most Whimsical Archives-Related Website

Winner: Derangement & Description – Dee Dee

Winner: Mustaches of the Nineteenth Century – University of Kentucky Archives

Honorable Mention: The Fictional World of Archives, Museums & Art Galleries – David Mattison

Following last year’s pattern, I will devote a post to each of the categories in the coming weeks to highlight what the judges found so exemplary about all of these winners. I want to thank everyone who nominated a site. I know all of the judges found it exhilarating to see the good work being done out there, even if we were not able to reward all of it as we might have wanted to.

These awards would not be possible without the efforts of our distinguished colleagues who joined me in reviewing the nominations. This year’s judges were:

Geof Huth, New York State Archives
Jeanne Kramer-Smyth, iSchool, University of Maryland
Claude Zachary, University of Southern California
Tanya Zanish-Belcher, Iowa State University

Thanks, again to them for their service, and congratulations to the winners!

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10 thoughts on “Winners: 2009 Best Archives on the Web Awards”

  1. Nice to see a Dutch website win an award! The Archiefbank is a great example of the use of technology to facilitate access to the collection. Congraz to the Stadsarchief Amsterdam team!

  2. Once again, Oregon rules. Yay Sara! Thanks for doing this, Kate. I do appreciate that you take the time to pimp our colleagues good work.

  3. I’m very glad Stadsarchief Amsterdam won this price. The website of the Archiefbank is an inspiring example to me.

  4. Anyone know what kind of system that delivers the Stadsarchief Amsterdam index? Is it an of the shelf system?

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