If it’s Thursday, this must be Grand Rapids . ..

I know my travel schedule is nowhere near as hectic as many other people’s but this spring I’ve been on the road quite a bit. A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of giving a keynote address to the Society of North Carolina Archivists in Greensboro. I used the opportunity to expand on the blog post about trends facing archives, and I think it went very well. As I said on Twitter, given the relatively small size of the meeting, I was surprised (although I shouldn’t have been) by the overall high quality and diversity of the sessions. I’m happy to come back to SNCA anytime, y’all!

Last week I was in Cape May, New Jersey for the spring meeting of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference (MARAC). MARAC is my local regional association, so for me those meetings are as much about “fellowship”as attending the sessions. Although the lively Twitter discussion that took place during the session intended to discuss archives and the digital humanities was very useful, and I plan to return to the ideas it sparked as soon as things calm down a bit. It was also lovely to meet some new people, including students from Pitt and Maryland, as well as catch up with familiar faces.

But it’s Thursday, and now I’m in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where the adventurous Midwest Archives Conference has invited me to give a plenary address at their annual meeting. I don’t consider myself a “plenary speaker” kind of person, so I’m afraid I won’t bring the “wow factor” that I think a good plenary speaker achieves. But then, I have ridiculously high standards. I’m talking about participatory archives, so there is no doubt I will be enthusiastic and speak quickly. My goals will be for people to 1) laugh, 2) leave with some new ideas, and hopefully 3) leave thinking that this is not only something they should try, but which they could actually do. If I can mange that, I’ll be happy with my performance.

Looking forward to meeting more new people at MAC, but now I have to return to practicing this talk, as the clock rapidly ticks down to the appointed hour . . .

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