SAA Election Results

SAA has posted the results of the recent election on its Web site (but apparently this doesn’t rate an email announcement to the members . ..). Here are the results:

Helen Tibbo – Vice President / President-elect
Aimee Felker – Treasurer
Scott Cline, Tom Frusciano, Brenda Lawson, and Deborra Richardson – Council
Terry Baxter, Amy Cooper Cary, and Dan Santamaria – Nominating Committee

It was almost a sweep for the candidates endorsed by this blog, which I credit to my being in touch with the majority of the SAA membership (or those members who vote) and not to any kind of “ArchivesNext” bump (although I will happily take credit for any and all victories from anyone who wants to give it!).

SAA announced that “more than 1,000 SAA members cast their votes in the 2009 election.” I went back and in a previous post I noted that about 25% of the membership voted in the 2007 election. I’m not sure what SAA’s current membership numbers are–but I’m not sure we saw a substantial increase in participation even though this is the first year members could vote online.

UPDATE: A reader pointed out that I had skipped over this essential information from the beginning of the SAA piece:

Twenty-one percent of eligible voters participated in the election, voting online for the first time. Of 4,932 eligible voters, 1,062 cast ballots from March 11 to April 11 using VoteNet’s secure online software. Six votes were cast using a paper ballot.

Congratulations to all the winners, and my condolences to those who were not chosen. I look forward to great things from our new slate of leaders!

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