Spontaneous Scholarships for 2012 SAA Annual Meeting: How to give, how to apply

Ok, this is the official launch! (But thanks to everyone who has sent donations in so far. Early donors are beloved donors.) Here’s the drill, which is essentially the same as it was last year:

What is this about?

We’re giving money to people to fund their registration for the SAA Annual Meeting in San Diego. Rather than pay for travel or lodging for a few people, I’m trying to give a little bit of help to as many people as possible. This is not affiliated with SAA in any way. Your donations are not tax deductible. It’s simple. You send me money. I give it all away within a few weeks to colleagues who need it.  Last year this campaign ran for two weeks and 94 generous people gave scholarships to 26 happy people.  (If you want to read more about how successful last year’s effort was, here’s the summary post.) This year it’s going to be four weeks. I’m not expecting donations from 188 people or to be able to fund 52 people, but I hope we can improve on last year’s numbers.

How you can help

If you want to give, you have several options, outlined below. My preference is for checks because that means PayPal transaction fees aren’t deducted from your donation, but I know it’s easier to click and donate while you’re thinking of it, so by all means, click and donate if that’s easier for you. Here are your options:

  • Pay by check–send me an email at info [@] archivesnext.com or leave a comment (for which you must supply an email). I will reply with a mailing address. Or if you are an SAA member, you can look up my address in the member directory.
  • Pay via PayPal–click on the “Donate” button at top right of the sidebar.
  • Pay via credit card–send me an email at info [@] archivesnext.com and I’ll send you an invoice using PayPal.

Give as much as you feel you can. Every little bit helps. Don’t feel like whatever you can afford to give isn’t enough. But if you’re fortunate enough to be in a comfortable position, please give generously.

How to put your name in the hat for scholarship

If you need some help funding your SAA Annual Meeting registration, please send a message to info [@] archivesnext.com providing your name, and whether you are a student or regular SAA member (note you must be an SAA member to be eligible). Please do so by midnight on Saturday, June 30. On Sunday, July 1 I will draw names out of a hat and notify the lucky people. This will allow you to register by the early-bird deadline of July 6.

That’s all you need to do. It’s on the honor system. Don’t ask unless you need, but if you need, ask. I can’t give money away unless I have people to give it to. Last year there were a number of employed archivists, further along in their careers than you might expect, who asked for help because they needed to go to the meeting but their institutions weren’t funding them. This isn’t just for students and new archivists, it’s for everybody.

Which is why I’m asking you now to give, if you can. And why I’ll keep asking until June 30. Please share this through your own networks. (Goodness knows I will!) And if you need some help, throw your name into the virtual hat!


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