Two Kickstarter projects to look at

If you have a few dollars left over after you have made your donation to the Spontaneous Scholarships fund, please consider contributing to one of these interesting Kickstarter projects:

2nd Scene Culture City Project 

 2nd Scene Culture City Project is an initiative to collect the history of the Chicago hip hop scene from inception until the present day. The mission of the project is to ensure the inclusion of Chicago in the historical conversation about hip hop and the rich music history of the city. This is an oral history, serial documentary and digital archive project.  The oral history will be collected via video interviews and then made available on the archive in interview form.  There will also be a documentary for each era that will act as an overview for the uninitiated.

We will also be collecting primary/original source documents like handwritten lyrics, party pluggers, photos, old video, tickets, cassette tapes and the like. These items will be identified, photographed or scanned, cross referenced and then returned to the original owners.

All of this information will be available online in the form of a digital archive.  The archive will be accessible to students, lovers of music, researchers and of course the hip hop community.

The archive will also be self sustaining, thus allowing for scalability and maintenance way into the future.  The idea is for the history to live way beyond us, as such the project is also developing a non profit to be the managing entity of the archive.

The project is seeking participants in the local scene to be interviewed.  Participants in every sense of the word: club goers, promoters, graf writers, djs, bboys, emcees and activists.

First round interviews will not begin until July and will likely run until February 2013.  Fill-in/Second round videos will likely start in April  2013 and end in June 2013. Since the history is very rich we are starting with 1970, 1980 and 1990 eras first.  We hope to have a completed 1990 era series and archive up and online by August of 2014.  We have opted to start with this era first because we anticipate research being more difficult for the 1970’s and 1980’s eras and will use this time to concurrently begin and complete research and development on those eras in order to create the next series. It is then that we will shift to the current era for archival interviews.

Saving Montana History

This project aims at fund production of a series of documentary vignettes featuring collections from across Montana. The vignettes will be published in both online venues and in community formats with the hope that they will inspire Montanans and American history fans alike to help “Save Montana History.”

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