Half way (and a third) there: Update from the second week of the Spontaneous Scholarship drive

We are now in middle of June and so half way through the drive to raise money for the Spontaneous Scholarships for the SAA Annual Meeting. Thank you to every one of the 44 people who have donated so far. One especially enthusiastic donor included this self-portrait with his check:

Happy donor

I know I say it all the time, but it really is heartwarming for me to see how happy people are to give and how appreciative people are of even having the chance to get a little help. And even more people are asking for help this year than last year. So far I’ve had 19 people who would register at the student rate ($139) and 24 people who would register at the “regular” SAA member rate ($319), which means we would need $10,297 to fully fund everyone who has applied so far. This year there are a lot more non-students throwing their names into the hat than last year, when by far the majority of applicants were students.

As of this morning, we’ve raised $3,538, including $997 from members of the Students and New Archives Professionals Roundtable, which is being matched by a Very Generous Donor (the match is included in the current total). So we have about a third of money needed to fund all of the people who have applied so far. That’s wonderful, of course, but more people keep applying every day. If you haven’t made your donation yet (and looking over the list of donors from last year, there are many of you out there), please consider giving either by mailing me a check or by clicking on the Donate button at the right to use Paypal.  And of course, if you need help funding your registration for the meeting, please throw your name into the virtual hat by sending an email to info[@]archivesnext.com. All you have to say is whether you will register at the student or regular SAA member rate. It’s that easy.

Give if you can, ask if you need. That pretty much sums it up. Thanks to everyone who has given so far. Your donation will be truly appreciated by one of your fellow archivists.


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