The End Is Near: One week left for Spontaneous Scholarships


If you’ve been putting it off (and I know some of you have), you need to donate now. The Spontaneous Scholarships campaign officially ends next Saturday, June 30. You can donate by clicking the Donate button at the right and using Paypal or by sending me a check. Again, you can find my mailing address through the SAA member directory (if you’re a member) or by emailing me. (Checks that arrive late are fine. As are Paypal donations. I will keep taking your money and giving it away as long as it keeps coming in. But I think we’d all like to wrap this up, so don’t delay, please.)

If you want to throw your name in the hat to receive a Spontaneous Scholarship to reimburse you for the registration fee for the SAA Annual Meeting you only have one week and a day left. The campaign closes on June 30. (That is a firm deadline.) So far we have 29 people requesting at the regular member rate and 26 at the student rate.

But how much have we raised so far? I’m sure that’s what you want to know. (Viritual drumroll, please.) So far you have donated $3,412.01. Of that total $1,267.50 was donated by members of the SAA Students and New Archivists Roundtable, and so an additional $1,267.50 will be added thanks to a matching donation from a Very Generous Donor. That brings the current total up to $4,679.51. Which is a very big number and I’m grateful to everyone who has donated so far. But I know we can do better. In particular, if members of the SNAP contribute $732.50 more it will be matched by the VGD. That’s a great opportunity.

So continue to give if you can, and ask if you need. But remember, time is running out. Don’t delay, act now!


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