Please sign the petition to stop closing of public access to Georgia State Archives

I’m sure you’ve all seen the news by now that the Georgia State Archives is planning on discontinuing open public access to their collections. You can read the official statement here.

SAA is developing an official response, but in the meantime a petition has been set up. Please sign it, share it with your friends and colleagues, and stayed tuned for what else you can do to help.


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4 thoughts on “Please sign the petition to stop closing of public access to Georgia State Archives”

  1. Until now the rest of the country just THOUGHT Georgia was full of ignorant rednecks. Nathan Deal has now removed all doubt.

  2. Our Genealogy Society has been going to the State Archives in Morrow, Georgia each year for many years. We look forward to these trips and tell others all over the U.S. that we are corresponding with about all the valuable information. It has a great source of material, much that can not be found anywhere else. The employees are always very helpful.


  3. As a past vistor and researcher of my family history at our Georgia State Archives, I could not believe it when I heard on the news that our State Archives was going to close. Whoever voted and developed this idea to this point does not know how important the Ga state Archives are to Georgia residents. I can tell you as a taxpayer, resident and voter the person or persons will never get my vote and I will let everyone I know not to vote for these politicians. There are many other ways to save money in our state rather than denying access to valuable history of the families of this state. I urge you to re-consider. L. C. Anglin

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