Hi there. I’m Kate and I’m the one in the gray sweater and white top today.

That information isn’t going to mean anything to most of you today or anyone tomorrow, but at least for today it might help anyone attending the MARAC fall meeting find me if they want to talk to me.

What’s this about?

I’ve been looking over some of the results from SAA’s Member Needs and Satisfaction Survey and there’s some stuff in there that indicates people feel somewhat disconnected from SAA’s leadership. So, since I’m part of the leadership, and I’m here in the midst of bunch of archivists, I just want to make sure that if anyone attending MARAC today has a question about SAA or wants to share an opinion, you know that you can talk to me. I don’t consider myself an intimidating person, so I don’t know if I really need to make that clear, but maybe I do. And I apologize ahead of time to any other women attending MARAC who are also wearing a gray sweater and white top today.

What about tomorrow? (I haven’t planned my wardrobe out that far in advance!) What about if you’re not here in lovely Richmond? Same applies. I’m easy to find, via this blog, Twitter, or via email (info@archivesnext.com).

And of course, don’t forget that you can also go straight to the top and ask SAA President Jackie Dooley a question by posting on SAA’s blog, Off the Record.  You knew SAA has a blog now, right?

Now I’ve got to get going and see if there’s anything left at the continental breakfast!


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One thought on “Hi there. I’m Kate and I’m the one in the gray sweater and white top today.”

  1. I hope people came and found you to talk about their expectations, wishes, and thoughts on SAA and the archival profession. Thanks for stepping up and reaching out Kate.

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