Advocacy for the Georgia State Archives needs your support

Copied from my friend Richard Peace-Moses on Facebook:

The Friends of Georgia Archives and History (FOGAH) has contracted with a legislative affairs consulting firm to help build support for the Georgia Archives. We’ve already seen an enormous return: the Archives will remain open on 1 Nov, rather than closing, and two staff who had been given notice will keep their jobs.

We have politicians’ attention, but we have much more work to do to fully restore funding for the Archives. (And for archives, generally, in the state.) To enable FOGAH to continue working with the legislative affairs consultant, please consider a donation to help defray the unexpected costs. (By the way, the consultants are charging a small fraction of what they’d normal ask.) Can you imagine if each of the 17,000+ people who signed the petition to save the Georgia Archives gave just $5?!

Please donate $5 or $10 dollars to help get Georgia Archives back on its feet. You can contribute with a credit card through the FOGAH website at


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