Ways to donate to help archives affected by Sandy

Here are two ways you can donate to help archives and historical organizations affected by Hurricane Sandy:

  • The Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference (MARAC) has a Disaster Relief Fund (Guidelines for applying for funds here). Anyone can make a donation to the fund (via credit card or check). Go to this page, and click on Disaster Relief Fund.
  • The Society of American Archivists also has the National Disaster Recovery Fund for Archives (information on applying for funds here). To donate, use this site
If you hear of any other opportunities to give or receive funding, let me know. 
NOTE: SAA’s website problem is all sorted out now, but if you happen to experience any difficulties with either site please let me know and I’ll let the administrators know right away.



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2 thoughts on “Ways to donate to help archives affected by Sandy”

  1. SAA’s server is down at the moment. If you can’t open the link, try again shortly. Apologies for the inconvenience. May it’s in cosmic sympathy with the East coast. 🙂

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