Adopt a wax cylinder for Christmas & other ways you can help archives before the tax year ends

Yesterday on Facebook I was reminded of the wonderful “Adopt a Cylinder Program” sponsored by the Cylinder Digitization and Preservation Project at the Department of Special Collections, U.C. Santa Barbara. It gives you an opportunity to browse the list of early sound recordings in their collection and select one (or more) for which you will fund the digitization.  In the previous post I noted that archives need help from historians and other users in supporting advocacy for archives, but it’s just as nice to show your support by just plain giving money.

Below is a list of similar “adopt a …” programs sponsored by archives, special collections, and historical organizations. I’m sure most are also tax deductible (but verify for yourself if that’s important to you). I hope you’ll consider making a gift to one of these, or the archival organization nearest to your heart. And I’m happy to keep adding programs to the list, so if you know of one that’s not here, let me know.

Happy holidays, and happy giving!


Christmas poster featuring a koala dressed in Santa hat and boots ca 1920, State Library of Queensland, Australia.

And don’t forget the lovely limited edition, custom Moleskine® notebooks being offered by the Special Collections at the University of Scranton. Maybe too late for a stocking stuffer, but ideal for starting a new diary for the new year!


Sites in the U.S.:

American Antiquarian Society, “Adopt a Gift Book Program”:

Cylinder Digitization and Preservation Project (Department of Special Collections, U.C. Santa Barbara), “Adopt a Cylinder Program”:

Historical Society of Pennsylvania, “Adopt a Collection Program”: [Don’t get discouraged by high price tags on the front page–keep paging through for more affordable options!]

Library of Virginia, “Adopt Virginia History”:

Missouri University Libraries, “Adopt a Book Program”:

Ohio Historical Society, “Save the Flags” campaign (not quite archival, but still counts): (you can also adopt part of Conway the Mastadon

Smithsonian Institution Libraries, “Adopt a Book Program”:

South Carolina Historical Society, “Adopt a Collection Program”:

William L. Clements Library (University of Michigan), “Adopt a Piece of History”:

Outside the U.S.:

British Library, “Adopt a Book Program”:

Glasgow Women’s Library, “Women on the Shelf” program: [“We’re moving to a new location in early 2013 and urgently need funds to look after our lending and Archive collections.”]

Jersey Heritage, “Adopt an Object Program”:

Panjab Digital Library, “Adopt a Book” (to be digitized):


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