Archives (and Web) 2.0 sessions available on SAA Facebook site

Yes, the Society of American Archivists deserves some serious kudos (I was going to say “major snaps” but I think that would reveal my age) for arranging to have two of the Austin sessions devoted to archives and Web 2.0 recorded and made available online. You can view sessions #101 (“Building, Managing, and Participating in Online Communities: Avoiding Culture Shock Online,” recorded August 13, 2009. Speakers: Jeanne Kramer-Smyth, Camille Cloutier, Deborah Wythe, Mark Matienzo) and #104 (“The Real Archives 2.0: Studies of Use, Views and Potential for Web 2.0,” recorded August 13, 2009. Speakers: Kate Theimer, Angela McClendon Ossar, Mary E Samouelian, Jessica Sedgwick) on the SAA Facebook page. And as of a few minutes ago, Frank’s plenary address is up also and they will probably be adding the other plenaries soon. Note that you don’t have to be a member of Facebook to access the page and view the videos.

You can also find my slides here, Angela’s here, and Jessica’s here. Many of the annual meeting presentations should also be available on the SAA site by browsing through the “Program” at the left.

I’m looking forward to watching the video for session #101–which I was unable to attend, because as you can see, I was otherwise occupied. This is a great step forward for SAA in making conference materials available to those who can’t attend, and I hope you’ll send them some positive feedback.

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One thought on “Archives (and Web) 2.0 sessions available on SAA Facebook site”

  1. I’m going to echo those kudos/snaps. SAA deserves full credit for taking major steps into the Web 2.0 space. The whole conference experience this year was a great leap forward and I hope that this is a trend that continues. It’s easy to sit back and point out things that they could be doing better; sometimes we forget to give credit when it is deserved. Over 2800 tweets in a week is a testament to the vitality of the archival twitterati and we were very well served by our association at our meeting.

    Now, if only they could fix that pesky “not enough outlets” problem…

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