Speak up: SAA wants your opinions on wifi at annual meeting, recording sessions, putting content online, etc.

The Online Access subgroup of the SAA Annual Meeting Task Force has a blog post up asking for specific feedback on the following issues:

  • Wifi in meeting rooms
  • Virtual conferencing
  • Recordings of meeting content
  • Conference app
  • Access to other meeting content

In the past many readers of this blog have had strong opinions about these issues. I encourage you to share your opinions on these topics with the SAA group that will be responsible for proposing what will done about them. As I said on Twitter, I think there are issues here that concern archivists outside the U.S. as well as students and new archivists too. For me these are issues that have an impact beyond SAA’s own membership and its current membership. If this is something that you care about, speak up. If you scroll down on the post you can see I’ve written not one, not two, but three comments, so I’ve put my time where my (virtual) mouth is.

Yes, you do have to log in to the site to post a comment. No, you don’t have to be an SAA member to create a user profile for the site.

And if you’ve missed them, there have been other opportunities to comment on different aspects of the meeting. I’m sure your feedback is still welcome on those topics too.

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