Get in touch with me today if you want to propose a case study for outreach or reference book

Today is the deadline to get your proposals in if you have a case study you’d like considered for inclusion in either the book on outreach or reference in archives and special collections (full info here and here). I said “get in touch with me” in the title of this post because while today is the deadline, if for some reason you’re just hearing about this and need an extra day or two, I can give you some slack but I need you to send me a message letting me to expect something from you.

A similar call for case studies for a book on description will be coming shortly, followed by another for case studies on management in archives and special collections. Also as I mentioned on Twitter, after I get all the proposals in for outreach I may decide to do a separate book specifically on outreach to students (K-12, undergrad, and graduate). I think there’s enough demand for it even though there have been some recent publications in that area. If I do that I’ll issue a second call, just to give everyone a fair chance.

Thanks for all the great proposals so far. One of the reasons I agreed to take on this assignment is that it would give me a chance to learn about and promote all the great, and often unrecognized, work that’s going on out there. And if there’s a topic out there that you think would be a good fit for another book in this series, let me know. Digitization is a possibility, as is appraisal/acquisition. Do those sound good? What else would you like to see?

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