Please participate in survey on user-created descriptive metadata in archives

You may have also seen this on the A&A listserv but I’m very interested in this topic so I want to give Matt all the help he can get. Please note, as he says below: “If your institution does not collect user metadata, “no” answers are helpful for the data analysis.”  I checked and he would prefer archives in North America only. The survey closes on February 19.

This is a reminder about a survey I’m conducting on the status of user created descriptive metadata in the archival profession.

The survey focuses on the degree to which archivists allow and encourage user created description, and whether or not such description is incorporated into authoritative catalog records, finding aids, or other metadata record.  The survey asks primarily Yes or No questions on the ways in which institutions use Web 2.0 technologies to allow users to comment, annotate, and tag, and the degree to which comments and annotations are included in authoritative metadata records.  If your institution does not collect user metadata, “no” answers are helpful for the data analysis.  The survey should take about 20 minutes to complete.

I am asking you to participate in my research study by completing a survey at this link.

Completion of this survey indicates voluntary consent to participate in this study.  No personally identifiable information will be collected.  No further emails will be sent other than a participation reminder toward the end of the survey period.

If you have any questions about the study please leave a comment below or contact me.  Thank you for taking the time to assist me in this research.

Matt Gorzalski, MLS, CA
Assistant Professor and University Archivist
Morris Library
Southern Illinois University Carbondale

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One thought on “Please participate in survey on user-created descriptive metadata in archives”

  1. This is somewhat off the subject but just have to know if anyone else is wondering the same thing that I am. I am wondering “When did description become metadata?” A strict definition of metadata is “data about data” and it used to mean things like “Name”, “Subject”, “Date”, etc. In other words, it was the data that was used to organize other data or information. Now it also means any information that describes other data. We used to juxtapose “information from records” against “information about records”. That seemed more clear than “descriptive metadata” which I still think means “description”.

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