Call for case study proposals on innovative practices in description and management in archives and special collections

As I announced earlier in the call for case studies on outreach and reference, I have signed on to edit a series of books for Scarecrow Press highlighting innovative practices in archives.

Now, I’m collecting proposals for case studies for the volumes on description and management. [UPDATE: Note that these are two separate books, not one!] If you want to propose a case study, just send me a few paragraphs with a brief description of the problem you set out to solve or the opportunity you wanted to take advantage of, a detailed description of how you responded, and a brief description of your results or findings. Please also include the name of the repository, and your job title. Proposals are due by Wednesday, March 20. The final case studies should be about 5,500 words and you will be provided with a structure to follow.

As I said in the call regarding outreach and reference, don’t be intimidated by that word “innovative.” Sometimes we have a tendency to think what we do isn’t that special or unique. Rather than fixate on whether or not what you did was “innovative,” if you’ve implemented something in your archives or special collections library that you think is effective and other people would be interested in, please send me a proposal.

In addition to this open call, I will also be soliciting case study proposals, so if you know of a person or project that you think would be good to include in these volumes, please let me know about it so that I can follow up. Case study institutions are not limited to any specific type of archives or special collections, and are not limited to the U.S. only.

If you have any questions, I’m happy to answer them here on this post or via email. Please send any questions, proposals or suggestions for me  to follow up on to me at kate.theimer [@]


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