On a lighter note: Archivist trading cards–collect them all!

Well, apparently people aren’t up for gloomy introspection and self-analysis–or perhaps everyone was busying watching baseball, or soccer, or hockey, or tending their gardens now that the weather has turned pleasant (in the Eastern United States).

So, to pander to our sports-loving archivist readers (while getting in a plug for a 2.0 site), take a look at the archivist trading cards on Flickr. You can make your own here – here’s a sample to get you started:


(p.s. No, as far as I know, his nickname isn’t “Skipper.” It just seemed to kind of work for him.)

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4 thoughts on “On a lighter note: Archivist trading cards–collect them all!”

  1. OH MY GOD! This is so cool. We were just having a lunch discussion the other day about baseball cards and why we weren’t all rich (because we did not keep our cards and the fact the bottom fell out of the market). We should so create a Archivist Trading Card set. We’ll make millions! Or at least money for a soda and maybe a candy bar.

    By the way, though I haven’t come out and said it, I like very much what you are doing here. It seems as if you are generating a fair amount of discussion within the profession. Perhaps there is room for a certain topic to be discussed here. A certain person has lost his nerve over the proposal as he has dreams of advancement in the profession. And the deadline is May 22 and there are only 10 signatures so far.

  2. Cool – but I want to know who is going to make the flat, hard, cardboard tasting chewing gum that needs to be included.

  3. As to manufacturing end–both cards and gum–I’m afraid someone else is going to have to take that one up. I don’t have that kind of infrastructure.

    And, thanks for kind words, O Brave Astronaut.

    And, since I have nothing to lose, I’ll post the proposal you mention–but it’s a little late to gather the required signatures, I think. But, why not put it out there any way?

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