Get ready to give or receive: Campaign for Spontaneous Scholarships 2013 will start in June

This is just a quick note to let you know that I am planning on following up on the success of the last two year’s successful Spontaneous Scholarships campaigns again this year. The Scholarships  will help people pay for the cost of registration for the SAA Annual Meeting in New Orleans ($319 for regular SAA members, $139 for students).

The tentative schedule is that I will kick off the campaign early in June, both by putting up the post asking for donations and starting to accept requests for funding. The process for applicants will be the same–all you need to do is send in your name and indicate if you will be registering as a student or regular SAA member. Anyone who needs some assistance with funding is welcome to apply. The deadline for applicants will be June 29, at which point I will see how much money we have and begin drawing names out of a hat, and keep going until we run out of money. Lucky winners will be notified on or about June 30/July 1, so that you will have time to register before the early bird deadline (July 5). Once I receive confirmation that you’ve registered, I’ll mail you a check to cover your registration for the meeting.

If anyone wants to mail me a check before June, I will happily accept it. I can email you my mailing address or if you’re an SAA member you can just look me up in the member database. I’m listed. In early June I’ll put up the post with a PayPal link, so if you’d rather do that, just wait for June. (Remember that since this is an informal effort your donation is NOT tax deductible. All you will get is a warm fuzzy feeling knowing you helped some of your colleagues and my everlasting gratitude.)

So expect to hear more about this in June. I’ll be trying to find every avenue I can think of in which to ask for donations, and I’m always happy to have people helping me to get the word out. We have been very lucky that in the past two years we’ve had one exceptionally generous door, but we can’t count on that again this year. Every donation helps.

In 2011 we had 94 generous people donate and funded 26 people. In 2012 we had 103 donors and 34 scholarship recipients. I sincerely hope the effort can continue to grow. I know the people who receive the assistance are truly grateful. So, if you need some help, get ready to throw your name in the hat and if you’re in a position to donate, please consider doing so when I start asking in June.

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