Spontaneous Scholarships: Week one update

After one week, you’ve donated close to $1,000! Which sounds like a lot of money (well, it is a lot of money), but in the first week we’ve also had 13 students and 10 “regular” SAA members throw their names into that for funding–that’s $4,997 worth of names in the hat. And those names will keep on coming in over the next two weeks. (Please, keep them coming in!) So if you haven’t already donated, please kick something in, even if you can’t afford very much. There’s a big “Donate” button right there on the right hand sidebar. Or contact me for ┬áthe mailing address to send a check.

If you missed the launch, here’s the post that explains the Spontaneous Scholarships–how to give and how to apply.

Thanks to everyone who’s been so generous so early. I hope to see the donations keep coming in for the rest of June!


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