How you can get one of those “this is not an archive” USB drives

Like this one:

"this is not an archive" USB drive

(Well, basically like that one. They will not be exactly like the one in the picture–may have different color/style, but the text will be the same.)

I’m happy to promote this fundraising effort for the Association of Canadian Archivists Foundation (ACAF).* You can order one of these drives for $20 (Canadian) + 5$ shipping to Canada or $10 to outside Canada. (It’s $10 per shipment, so you may be able to combine orders with your local friends/colleagues.)

You can find their order form here. All orders must be received by June 6, 2014 at noon (EST).

*(As noted on the form, this effort is an independent project by Canadian archivists Rodney Carter and Loryl MacDonald,  who are not acting on behalf of, nor do they represent, the ACAF. They are independently producing these as ACA members wishing to raise a bit of money for this charity.)


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