Wow, you people are generous: The Spontaneous Scholarships 2014 numbers

It was a very good year.

Thanks to 120 people, 28 students and 23 regular members will be attending the SAA annual meeting in a happier state of mind. Your donations of $11,210 are funding the registrations of 51 people. Over the previous three years scholarships have been given out to 98 people–so in this one year we’re more than half way toward doubling that number. You have been very generous–and some of you (you know who you are) have been crazy generous.

This year was exceptional also for the high percentage of people we were able to fund. We were able to give money to 28 out of the 42 students who asked, and to an astonishing 23 out of the 37 regular member applicants. So 67% of the people who asked for money were able to receive it. I’m particularly pleased about the number of scholarships for regular members we were able to give this year, considering that at $319 a pop they’re much more expensive than the students ($139).

I also want to recognize two anonymous donors who got into the spirit of the campaign by offering matching donations. The first offered to match all donations made by SAA’s SNAP Roundtable members, up to $1,000. SNAP members met and exceeded that pledge, giving a total of $1926. Another person offered to donate $1 for every donation. I know these two matching pledges encouraged many people to donate something, even if they couldn’t afford much, knowing that it would be doubled (+ $1). Anyone who wants to consider doing something similar next year, let me know!

So over the past four years, together we’ve raised over $31,700 and helped 149 colleagues. For that, all donors, over all the four years, deserve thanks. But clearly this year was phenomenal.  If you’ve donated, I’ve already thanked you, so I hope some of people who’ve benefited from your kindness will thank you themselves in the comments below. If you got a scholarship this year, or any year, please take a minute and share your appreciation and how much this assistance means to you. I’m lucky enough to see all the happy messages people send when I let them know they’ve been picked. Please share some of that with the supportive and lovely people who send in the money!


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48 thoughts on “Wow, you people are generous: The Spontaneous Scholarships 2014 numbers”

  1. I am grateful to those that donated and made it possible for me to attend the SAA annual meeting this summer! I am so excited to attend the conference. I would like to extend a huge thank you to the community that donated and supported this venture. I will absolutely donate to the fund in the future.

  2. Thank you all who donated so generously! I cannot contain my excitement for this, my first, conference! You are all so lovely. 🙂

  3. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the donors for their generous contributions, which allow many of us, who just begin our journeys into archival profession, attend the SAA meeting in DC. I am deeply touched by it!

  4. Thank you all very, very much who contributed. You are helping me get back on my feet, back into our profession, and back into the swing of things. I am in your debt.

  5. I want to add my voice of thanks to all the generous people who donated. I am a student and this made it possible for me to attend (my first) SAA conference. I really appreciate the kindness and the commitment to supporting the community. I will definitely contribute in the future and again give many thanks.

  6. Thank you so much for making it possible, as well as so many others, to attend the SAA Annual Meeting. I will give back in the future as well! I really appreciate the generosity of those who contributed.

  7. I want to add a note of appreciation for all who donated to the spontaneous scholarship program. This is my first SAA Conference, and as a graduate student, my funds are limited, so this scholarship will go a long way. I will certainly give back to the program in the future to continue making this great opportunity available for future archivists!

  8. Reading through the final numbers on scholarships given and money donated to the cause, I’m reminded yet again what an amazing community of people this is. I’m humbled and grateful to be one of the regular member recipients this year, and am unbelievably excited to be attending my very first SAA conference! As a brand-new archivist, I’ve got so many questions and so much I need to learn, and I know that this conference is one way to get started in a big way. Thank you to everyone who has donated to this great program, because you’re making a difference. I know I’ll be joining you on the donor side next year!

  9. I too want to express my thanks to the donors for their generosity. Like others, this will be my first SAA conference and I am looking forward to it immensely. I also look forward to giving back by contributing to this fund in the future. Archivists and the archives field is truly amazing and I’m glad to be a part of it!

    Kate, thank you for your time and effort in putting this together.

  10. I’m so glad that you continue to do this every year, Kate, and big fat kudos to the contributors. Pats on the back all around!!

  11. A big THANK YOU to Kate and everyone who made this possible. As a recent career-changer and first-time conference attendee, I am overwhelmed by the generosity of my new colleagues. You sure know how to make a guy feel welcome!

  12. Thank you so much to everyone who donated. I am grateful to count myself among the spontaneous scholarship awardees for 2014. This scholarship drive is such an important initiative! I am humbled by the amount of money raised. Special thanks to the anonymous donor who matched funds from SNAP members. I look forward to seeing all of you next month in D.C.!

  13. Wow, amazed I’m the third in a row Hack Library School writer to chime in here! A huge thanks to all of this year’s donors – your generosity restored some of my faith in this profession and I hope to meet many of you at SAA! Like many others, I’m a student and first-time SAA attendee, and would not have been able to attend without your help. I’m looking forward to being able to pass it on next year!

  14. I would also like to chime in my great thank you to everyone who donated. I have been in this profession for less than 5 years and this will be my first time at SAA. I am thrilled to have this opportunity to become more involved in my profession at a higher level, and I thank you all for helping make that possible.

  15. I appreciate so much the generosity of those who helped so many of us to attend the conference. It’s such a boon for those of us just starting out in this profession, thank you! I’m presenting at the grad student panel on Saturday, August 16 and would be honored to have anyone come by and see my presentation who would like to.

  16. The generosity of so many and the hard work of Kate putting together this opportunity just shows how fantastic this profession has been and continues to be. As a new member of the field I feel I have chosen the right place for me. Thank you to all who have made it possible for me to be able to attend SAA this year in DC. I will definitely be on the contributing side of the scholarships in the future. I look forward to a great conference and a chance to meet and mingle with you all.

  17. Tremendous thanks to those who donated to and coordinated the spontaneous scholarships. Having read the previous posts, I can see that I am not alone in feeling immense gratitude for the opportunity to attend the conference in D.C. and (re-) connect with my fellow archivists. Though my current job is outside of our field, it was crucial for me to stay connected with the profession I love and towards which I am working back. Cheers!

  18. Huge thanks to everyone who donated. This scholarship makes a huge difference for new professionals, as well as for those who work part-time or on projects and do not have much institutional support for conference expenses and travel. I am very excited to attend the meeting, and will definitely give back to the fund in the future.

  19. Thank you so much to all of the generous people who donated – you made it possible for me to attend my first SAA Conference. As a grad student, I’m not flush with funds, and would be sitting at home next month without your help. Thanks, also, to Kate for putting this all together! I hope to able to contribute to this scholarship in the future. Thank you again!

  20. I have always known that this profession was exactly where I wanted to be. It is full of some of the smartest, most generous, sharing people I have ever meet – with both information and resources. This program, these scholarships, exemplify and highlight this to an amazing degree. I will be able to attend my first SAA meeting because of the wonderful individuals who were kind enough to donate to these scholarships. I hope one day, very soon, I will be able to return the favor. With such positive experiences within archives, with my peers, with this scholarship program, and with the rewarding experience I will have at this years SAA, I will be able to learn, grow, and contribute to this field. By supporting our profession we help it grow and keep it strong. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this effort.

  21. To all the generous donors, thank you very much for your support. I am excited to be attending my first SAA conference. I am looking forward to helping others attend the conference in the future.

    Kate, thank you for beginning a wonderful program.

  22. I’d like to give a big thank you to Kate for organizing this wonderful opportunity and to the generous donors. Without their help I wouldn’t have been able to attend this year. This will be my first time at the SAA conference and as a grad student, I’m looking forward to meeting more of the archivist community.

  23. Just wanted to echo all the thanks for the generous donations! I’m overjoyed that I’ll be able to attend the conference in D.C. this year. And a huge thank you to Kate for coordinating all of this. The spontaneous scholarships are a godsend for all of us just starting out in the profession. Can’t wait to pay it forward in the coming years.

  24. An enormous and heartfelt thank you to everyone who donated this year. This will be my first time attending the SAA annual meeting, and I am incredibly grateful to be one of the people receiving a scholarship. As a new professional, it’s really important for me to attend conferences like this one in order to soak up knowledge and meet like-minded people. Your generosity has helped bolster my faith in this profession, and sometimes that’s sorely needed. It is wonderful to be reminded of the fact that this field tends to attract people who are thoughtful, philanthropic, and willing to lend a helping hand in so many different ways. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  25. Congratulations to all the award recipients! I want to remind everyone that if this is your first conference, you may want to check out SNAP Lunch Buddies as a way to meet lots of new colleagues. Although the effort is hosted by the Students and New Archivists Roundtable, ALL annual meeting attendees are welcome to participate. This started a few years ago as an effort to connect students and new archivists with others so no one has to eat a meal alone (unless of course you need the down time!)

    To sign up — or host — a meal, happy hour, or other outing, please check out the Google doc:

    Please consider hosting — often there are more attendees than hosts available. Hosting doesn’t require anything other than willing to be the contact person/wrangler for an outing and a sense of adventure (everyone is responsible for their own individual expenses).

  26. Donors – thank you for recognizing the value our profession, our community, and the opportunity that the annual meeting offers to help strengthen both. I like to think of this as a form of altruistic mentorship and an amazing display of leading by example – investing where it counts, as is so evident by the comments here by my fellow recipients and other donors. Philanthropy at its best! No red tape: need expressed, need acknowledged, need fulfilled. Thanks Kate for your initiative, professionalism, and hard work. I am confident this is an example to follow. Our little corner of the world is a better place for it.

  27. Agreed! So nice of everyone to donate. I’m very excited to attend the conference this year. As a student, it will be my first, and I’m looking forward to meeting with professionals and learning more about the field outside of an academic context. Thanks so much!

  28. Thank you so much to all the contributors! This is my first SAA, and I am so excited. I will be presenting a poster about the Society of American Archivsts – University of Texas Student Chapter during the graduate poster session on Thursday and Friday. So I hope to meet some of you and thank you in person! Thank you, contributors, and thank you, Kate. The archives profession has already been amazing for me.

  29. I received a scholarship in 2012, helping me attend in a year when reg on top of travel costs (east coast to San Diego) might have otherwise kept me from going. Thank you so much to those who donated that year, this year, and any other year, and to Kate for conceiving, promoting, and administering such a great initiative!

  30. After reading through all these comments and seeing the final tally of donations, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy that I’ll be entering a profession made up of such generous folks! This will be my first SAA conference, and it would not have been possible for me to attend without all of your help! I will add in my gigantic THANK YOU to the donors and to Kate for orchestrating the whole thing. I hope to meet many of you in a few weeks!

  31. I would also like to the generous donors. Thank you! This will be my first conference and it will afford me the opportunity to learn more about the profession and my specific interests. On a student budget, I would not be able to consider the meeting, and I am so grateful to the donors who are making this possible and Ms. Theimer for organizing it. It’s touching to see how the archival community takes care of its own and those of us still earning our degrees! (It certainly sways me more towards a career in archives!!) Thank you for making it such an easy process! I hope to pay it forward once I’m able! I can not overstate what this opportunity means to me and how grateful I am. Thank you so much!!!!

  32. I am so humbled that I can attend my first SAA conference due to the generosity of my colleagues and this wonderful community. I look forward to being on the donor side next year and continuing this great tradition. Thank you Kate and thank you donors. See you in DC–come visit me and my poster in the Exhibit Hall!

  33. A big thank you to all the incredible, generous donors who made this trip possible for so many of us. As a new professional attending my first conference, this support is not only a huge help, but is really revealing about the quality of the people in this profession. It just makes me all the more glad I chose to be an archivist, and I can’t wait to get to the point where I can help support other new archivists. Looking forward to meeting many of you at the conference, and once again, thank you all so much. And thank you to Kate, for putting in so much work to make this all possible. Thank You!!!

  34. A huge thanks to the donors and to Kate for organizing! Coming into this field at a time when jobs are scarce and the definition of the profession is in flux has been challenging, but the support and generosity of colleagues makes me proud to be an archivist. I am really looking forward to the conference and to contributing myself next year to help someone else attend. Thank you again for the help!

  35. Wow, what a wonderful group of people. I just learned about the Spontaneous Scholarships program this year and applied on a whim. As a lucky recipient, I want to thank everyone who contributed. The immediate, tangible benefits are fantastic and the warm fuzzy feelings about our profession make it all the better! I am grateful to receive funding and look forward to contributing in the future.

    Thank you to Kate for all her work setting up the program and communicating with everyone so effectively. The community building value of these scholarships is significant and much appreciated.

  36. I want to thank Kate and all of the generous donors for doing such a great deed! As a recent graduate my funds are limited, so thanks to this spontaneous scholarship I can attend this year’s conference and expand my professional development without putting myself in the red. Thank you!

  37. I also wanted to add my thanks to all of the donors who could make my attendance to the conference financially easier! Since I am working 3 part-time (archival) jobs, my financial situation is not ideal, so it is great to make this trip just a smidge easier and see my colleagues present!

  38. Thank you so much to those who donated and to Kate for organizing this. I would not have gone to the conference if it wasn’t for this scholarship and I’m so grateful for the generosity of others. I can’t wait to continue my education and meet others in the field. Thank you so much!

  39. I also wanted to thank all of those who donated to the Spontaneous Scholarships. This is also my first SAA conference, and as a new professional in this field, this scholarship has given me the opportunity to attend and meet other archivists. I am very excited! I also want to send a big thanks to Kate for all of her hard work with the scholarship.
    Thank you all!

  40. I would like to thank the generous donors to Kate’s ingenious Spontaneous Scholarship program. Of course, I’m pleased to see so many new archivists getting the chance to begin their professional careers. But I also want to thank you for the opportunity you’ve given this mid-career librarian/archivist to attend my very first SAA. Distance and competing demands have prevented me from attending in the past. And now with it so close to home I find myself “under-employed” and on the job market again. It truly would not have been possible for me to attend this year without this fantastic opportunity. Thank you.

  41. So many thanks to Kate and SNAP for this incredible effort! This will be my first SAA annual meeting, and it’s with great gratitude and excitement that I’m able to fund my participation with the help of SNAP.

    Many thanks again to the generous SAA-affiliate donors, and see the rest of you next month in D.C.!

  42. A huge thank you to Kate and all who donated! I am only able to go to my first meeting because of your generosity! Looking forward to meeting many of you there.

  43. I also want to say my thanks, as somebody benefiting from this year’s marvelous generosity, and I only hope in the next year or two I’ll be on the giving end instead of the receiving end. This is a great program, made more so by the spontaneous encouragement of everyone participating, and it’s wonderful to see the profession helping itself out this way.

  44. I sincerely thank all of the donors who are making my first attendance at an SAA Conference possible. As a student, this donation is incredibly meaningful. I look forward to meeting archival professionals and fellow students who will help bring to life what I’m learning in the classroom and on field trips. As someone who is pursuing a career in archives and a resident of Washington, DC, what a wonderful opportunity to meet archives professionals not only from the DC area, but from around the country! Thank you to all the donors and to Kate Theimer for organizing this spontaneous scholarship!!

  45. This will be my first SAA conference and I want to extend my thanks to Kate and the generous donors who made it possible for me to attend! I hope to pay it forward by contributing in the coming years.

  46. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to all the amazing lovely donors who contributed to the Spontaneous Scholarships and to Kate for making it all happen! I am so grateful for the support of this community I’m becoming a part of. Not only are you making it possible for me to attend SAA for the first time, but also to present at a professional conference for the first time. I’ll be with the Student Poster Presenters on Thursday night and Friday morning, please come by and say hello, I’m looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible.

  47. I’m chiming in a bit late here, but thank you thank you to all of the generous donors and Kate for making this whole thing happen. I’m a first-time attendee and poster presenter who is so looking forward to seeing all the wonderful things going on in the profession.

  48. Thank you so very much, donors, for your generous contributions!
    I am a recent MLISc graduate from the University of Hawaii, and as a military spouse, a new resident to Columbus, Georgia. There are no archival positions available in our new town, so I’m volunteering at a local archive to try and gain as much experience as possible. I am also a former active-duty officer myself, and while I am at times challenged by the search for a job in my new career, I am overwhelmed by the support in our profession! I am so excited to attend the conference next week and meet so many that, like me, are passionate about what they do.
    Thank you, thank you, and thank you again. Every little bit helps, and I am humbled by your generosity.

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