Short follow-up and another fun online tool

On the EPA libraries issue, yesterday ALA gave this update:

On Friday, May 4, at the request of Congress, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provided a briefing to members of several House Committees, as well as representatives from the Government Accountability Office (GAO).

The purpose of the meeting was to get information on what the EPA was doing in regard to its library system, especially in light of recently released internal procedure documents that seem to indicate the renewed dispersal of materials.

ALA is planning to call on EPA to meet with stakeholders, to get assurances that the EPA has not re-engaged the dismantling of its libraries and dispersing of materials prior to developing a plan that includes input from the stakeholders, as well as where they are with the digitization plan and how they are meeting users needs in this interim period.

Fellow fans of the Colbert Report on Comedy Central will be familiar with Stephen’s “On Notice” board. Using this cool online tool, you can have Stephen put anyone or anything you want on notice! See this example, created by a waggish archivist and posted by Anarchivst (not Geof) on his Flickr account.

Poor Allen Weinstein! It’s the price of fame, I think. Back to serious subjects tomorrow. Or if you want to get serious today, please look at the new comment by Thomas on the “The Discussion Continues” post and add your opinion.

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